Scriptorium Mythica

The Other Chair

The Other Chair A dream, one teen night agofeatured a soulmate facing me in a roomfilled with empty chairsthat were irrelevant. There was only me andthe man who sat on the other chair. It could have been a classroom, a conference,a panel, a course, a strange cult meetingin a sterile environment, or a room inan … Continue reading The Other Chair

After Larkin

So used to the knottedfist smashing into my belly I almost come alivewhen yet another hypothesisis revealed to be deeply flawed. And then, like Larkin I say“Next, Please”,wearily as future illusionsflicker in the distancebeyond my half-closed lidslike the afterimagesof a storm that never was. Poetry by (C) Nin Harris, 2012 — . All Rights Reserved. Continue reading After Larkin

The Ugliest Princess, The Littlest Mermaid, Janet, and the Reader’s Response

The Ugliest Princess by the Pre-Raphaelite Artist Eleanor Fortescue-Bricksdale (c) Nin Harris 2006– I have had a difficult relationship with Tam Lin since I was 15. I loved it all the more because I could not find the full poems, instead piecing together scraps of verse from chapter headings of Diana Wynne-Jones’s Fire and Hemlock, … Continue reading The Ugliest Princess, The Littlest Mermaid, Janet, and the Reader’s Response

The Unicorn Poem

Digital Painting by (c) Nin Harris 2010– I used to fear unicorns would run away from me,because I had lost the innocence of sunrise-tinted meadows,the first blush of dawn reflected on billowing white gowns. Now I roam the marshes, sometimes in watermaiden green,others in tunics of the deepest, most tragic purple. Some days I dance … Continue reading The Unicorn Poem