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Protecting My Energy

Hi, Sorry I haven’t been updating my online social spaces. I just felt a need to protect my energy particularly in very trying times. I’m also trying to keep the momentum going on all writing projects (both academic and creative) while also performing what is known as “radical self-care” in reorganising the way I live … Continue reading Protecting My Energy

A Necessary Caution

Here’s a caution I’ve repeated more than once and which seems necessary now since the publication of Watermyth. Now, this caution may not be true of all authors but it’s certainly true of seasoned authors who spend a lot of time and energy constructing multiple worlds, nuanced characters with a multitude of viewpoints. Essentially, do … Continue reading A Necessary Caution

Watermyth (Print): Information on Pricing and Link To Purchase

Plucked out of her pod by the Queen Mother of her merkingdom, Regya has been set a task: to take the potentially deadly Mermaid Storytelling Exam. She has been placed in Yrejveree, the mythical island of exiles to which many Amors have brought their Psyches. Regya narrates and weaves together the stories of the island’s … Continue reading Watermyth (Print): Information on Pricing and Link To Purchase